The Mayor Of Padang Speech Dr. H. Fauzy B. Bahar Msi, For 1st Investment Trade Mission From UAE, GCC, INDIA, BRUNEI and MALAYSIA.

Your Excellency, Dr. H. Gamawan Fauzi the Gabenur of West Sumatera Indonesia Present today, Honorable guest Sheikh, Yang Amat Mulia Pihin Seri Digadong,Tan Seri Tan Seri, Datuk Paduka, Dato ‘Dato’, distinguish Guest, all Investors and its Study group from the government of Abu Dhabi Executive Council Member, the Travel Agencies, Media Companies , Reporters and Bapak- Bapak, Ibu-Ibu yang di hormati sekalian. Bismillahirahmanirrahim, Assalamualaikum warahmatullohi wabarakatuh, Salam sejahtera,

Good Morning dan Selamat Pagi kepada para delegasi sekalian. Ladies and Gentlemen, today is another marks in our history our 1st International investment trade delegation mission arriving to our beautiful City of Padang of West Sumatera, Indonesia on the historical history for the Business Investment Mission from The UAE, GCC, India, Negara Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia, whom today wants to witness for yourself, for what my City of Padang can offer your investors interest in participating in our New transformation of Changes in Padang state City Dream. Today you are our State honorable guest, we are proud and our warm welcome you to our State of Padang .Your arrival today is the right moment and the right time , that on 17th. August 2009 we will celebrate our National day of 65 years Indonesia Independence day.

As you will see, during your stay and visit in Padang today, how beautiful and peaceful our City of Padang with its islands and mountains, the natural resources and the beautiful weather that you can enjoy. Ladies and Gentleman , your today trade investment and visit mission to Padang today, is just like a gift to our state and People’s of Padang from Allah and thus further enhance our country bilateral trade and cultural relationship between our countries. I believe that your esteem organization will interest in participate of our “Padang Hill 1 & 2 for International Mixed Development Project and in any of our 20 strategies in our International Mixed Development Master Plan”, that we will show to your today in our next presentation by my Officer, in next session of your program Briefing and at the same time enjoy your stay in our beautiful state of Padang.

My government administration is strongly committed in protecting your investment interest in Padang State. My country Indonesia, with our fair judicial system and also my government promise to our investors and our fellow citizen of equally rights. Ladies and Gentleman, and my distinguish guest, As you will see, while your visit and stay in Padang just for your information , our Padang City is the most clean City in Indonesia and with our natural beautiful fresh air and water, Our crime statistic recorded below 5 % in last 5 years of my term as the City Mayor of Padang and this has proven of our leadership commitment for a safe and peaceful neighborhood for our citizen, to welcome you, as our honorable investors to Invest in Padang of West Sumatera. Padang City is one of the most peaceful and rich in natural resources and its strategic located being in the center of west Sumatera and formally the capital state of Indonesia during 350 years ago of Dutch Colonialist and my Padang’s fellow citizen one of most wealthy citizen , with many intellectually and intelligent leaders and very enterprising citizen in Indonesia and our popular cultural rich of Adab Minangkabau, a friendly citizen and welcoming communities is keys factors and asset in making our Padang vision dream comes true.

With these assets and My leadership and My local government strategic have our own Strategic Master Plan, to transforming Padang State to become the Pioneer state in Indonesia implement, our Strategic Liberal Economic Policy which will emphasis on Transparencies, Efficiencies and Tolerances government administration system, with “ my leadership crystal clear of Road map as directions and guideline ”. Ladies and Gentleman and my fellow citizen, “ My Vision and My dream is to see that my fellow citizen, will became the developing nation in next the 30 years, My dream is to projected my fellow citizen income , per annum per capita to USD 20,000 in next 3 to 5 years. When all Padang Vision 2028 begin to be in place in the next 5 year, Insha Allah.

Together we make our dream coming true and at that times we will see that our nation will standing the same toll, as the others nation from the developing country ”. My fellow citizen and to my state of Padang particularly and my Federal Government leads by our beloved, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono new reelected in 2nd. term in office as our President in recently 2009 Presidential Election. His President leadership has strongly supported our Local Autonomy Authority of local Government Economic Strategic Strategies Plan. For Padang states, we have our own “Economic Formula” to stimulate of the current world economic crisis that has impact the region economy growth and my leadership strategies is to improve my fellow citizen economy from poverty of living to a Quality and a better living standard to enjoy like the other developing nation in the world. Indonesia under the leadership of our President SBY , has proven by our current president leadership has achieved a positive economic growth and according to our Federal Central Bank report that our 2008 GDP is 4.9 % and expecting growth 5.5% 2009 GDP.

Therefore, today, my leadership is prepare and will officially launch our Padang Vision 2028 as Padang State Strategic Strategies “ Padang Master Plan that an attractive Formula and Strategy for Padang state and my fellow state citizen will becomes a developing state in Republic of Indonesia in next 30 years ”. Insha Allah. . Ladies and Gentleman and My Fellow Citizen , “ Whether we like it or not, in making of ‘ Drastic Changes’ is very means to me as the leader in Padang city. My leadership understand my Fellow citizen needs and wanted a ‘ Drastic Changes’ that can bring ‘ hope and confident’ to my fellow citizen and changes, is all about people’s economy ,that are there wanted and the strategic crystal clear plan of their leadership for the state of Padang and the people’s economy that has burdening our nation in poverty of living in most of our generation before as living in this country.

Today, the Change that I call, is a “ practical to value added policies” of our State Padang strategic is our Value Added of Investment Policy for Padang State strategy to stimulate the current world economic down turn crisis that has impact and slowing down of our country strategy to improving of our country economic landscape strategy from depending from tradition domestic economic trade of GDP growth, to balancing our domestic economic GDP and our foreign trade with our Padang State of global world class of economic strategies of value added policy a long term master Plan to become developing state in Indonesia and Padang State preparation for the next 5 years strategies to face the Global world call of Changes challenge ” in the region coming drastically without any preparation, That I believe the change will definitely will coming , either in the term of “ Economic revolution or Technology transformation”, without any warning by natural or by Force. e.g. ( Just like in IT transformation, Science, technology and Economic Transformation will be differences from our old days that more challenging to our nation. Ladies and Gentleman and My Fellow Citizen, “My Leadership Philosophy is My country, My State and My fellow Citizen come first”.

And I optimistic to my “5 keys Investment Formula” that our economic team has our study the proven success of the country like China, India and the Middle East Country like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, will be promising to bring a drastic Changes in Padang and my fellow citizen economic landscape of my fellow citizen the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)“Confident” and Padang Vision 2028 is promising to my Country and fellow Citizen will benefit to change and to improved of my fellow citizen generation traditional hardship of low living standards in poverty life, to a better Standard of living, live with better Employment Opportunities, Economic, Business ,Industries, Development and people’s economy and incomes for Padang state and our country Indonesia.

Ladies and Gentleman, As what we all has seen to the world today on the era of economic transformation to China today, China transforming as Liberal Economic country in 1978 and by Just in 30 years , there are now the world no 3 economic Power, according to IMF and World Bank report this early of 2009 and Now there event financing the United States of America with more then, USD 200 Billion, Europe, Britain and event the World Bank IMF for more the USD 800 Billion financing to the crisis. Just imagine ‘How and Why’ they are growing so fast ??? The answer is they have the best Strategic and Practical Formula. Then India has transformed their country into Liberal Economic Policy in 1979, within 30 year and now there are no 6 economic Power in the world . d How and Why???.. the answer is there have the best Strategic and Practical Formula is the answer.

And Middle East Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the country just transformation their country into Liberal Economic Policy in 1990 and Picking Up high times of the development in year of 2002 and now the Country is the upcoming developing country and nation as what there are today and their Vision is extended to 2020 instated of original plan of 2015, no dough due to the world economic crisis has impact and slowing down the progress of the development in Dubai. But the direction towards becomes developing country for Dubai is on track clearly that we can see the dream of Dubai Vision 2020 will be promising on time the delivery on times. As we are away that , In UAE Dubai or Abu Dhabi there is more then 180 nationalities is living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in a peaceful of live and harmony without any fears or any danger and crisis to a cultural shock or decertification of the nation, that the world community can live together in sharing the prosperity and wealth on the UAE.

We have the answer for their success. “This is all because of the Practical Economic Formula as my Padang State “5 keys Formula” that I will mention and launchtoday, to the country strategies that there has transform their country in the short time of period can become developing country with proven success”. My Leadership is optimistic and believed that no miracle or no magic that can transform a country so easy success , but if we just an audience to watching the successful country transformation and joy with others country success, can we become a developing country like them? Or will we continue our tradition of “Wait and See Culture”, and our low quality of living standard, live in poverty life in many generation of our people’s , long outstanding domestic issues of majority of my fellow citizen, without any solution and strategies to improvement? Or till we will left behind and continuing living in dilemma of crisis and living in poverty life for another 100 years? .

Ladies and Gentlemen. My agenda is my country and my fellow citizen is the first priority and at the same time, when investors can make money from their investment in Padang, our country will be wealthier and also my fellow citizen will get wealthier as well as benefit also to all of our government employees and Leadership will definitely benefit from the courage and brave and visionary leadership leader for Padang. Therefore this is the time for a change to our of our nation and to all of my fellow citizen down there, we have learn many lessons from many hardship life of our past and current generation have live in many kind of living hardship life.

Let us be busy by doing our business plan in promoting to our country to the world investors and to improve our people’s quality of living standards and our people’s economy and better like other developing country, don’t waste of our prestige’s energy and times, by selling a “Fanatic Ideology” by forcing other people to adapt the crazy ideology of killing innocent people‘s for just because of your domestic interest for money and poverty life. “Now my government have better solution to our country fellow citizen for better change“, that can bring country, my fellow citizen with agenda to bring economic reformation that can bring business, employment and solution to your fellow citizen poverty issues that has not yet been resolves without any mean towards the understanding on the real meaning of “Drastic Changes”. My Leadership and my government of Padang have better agenda and solution for our nation and for our country to becomes a developing nation, like the other developing country that I have mentioned above e.g: China, India, Middle east Country like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and GCC country, and now I will announce my Vision 2028 mission.

“Today, with the greatest name of Allah , Bismillah hirrah manir rahim , I Dr. H. Fauzy Bin Bahar, The City Mayor of Padang proudly announce my Leadership Padang Vision 2028 officially as our state mission to becomes developing states Indonesia and also I am launching my Padang Government 5 Keys Formula of my Padang State Government official administration policy for my fellow citizen, “hope and confident” for betters quality days of living standard for tomorrow a long lasting policy for my next leadership fellow citizen and generation and to the world investors “confident” today to witness our transformation to become developing country in the next 30 years. Insha Allah. “Padang 5 Keys Formula will enhance a promising of development , Industries , Financial , Tourism, Properties Market ,Education , Health, and my fellow citizen living standards, employment opportunities and people’s economy transformation”. My Padang government towards Vision 2028 towards Liberal Economic Investment policy is our Strategic Plan for Padang Hill International Mixed Development Project will be gazette as the new International City in Padang States”. Offered 5 Keys reasons why you should Invest in Padang Of West Sumatera Indonesia ? :-

  1. Transparencies, Effectiveness and Tolerant Government Administration Policy and No Red Tape and No Bureaucracy,
  2. Freehold land status with Resident Visa offered to investors, No Income tax and No Corporate Tax ( up to 75 years on Tax Holiday and Design Build to operates and transfer ( D. B. O. T ) , will be renewable at the same times),
  3. Liberal Economic System and Tolerant Law and Regulatory Condition, No Foreign Exchange Control and allowing 100% repatriation of Capital Profits.
  4. Government will gazette all Padang I and II Hill as Duty Free and Free Trade Zones Area, No Trade barriers or Quotas
  5. Fair Judicial System, Friendly Government , Freedom of Living, Freedom of speech and Freedom of Create and Welcoming Society and Welcoming Local Community.

This is my leadership practical Formula is the proven formula of success that has been used by the country like China , India and the Middle East Country like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, after we have done our research study group done their study to the effectiveness of the formula of success of attracting investor interest, my leadership has appointed a 5 years Research and Development study , by my economic advisory Legislatives Research Team, leads by Dr.H. Azmy Morsidi from CMG Investment LLC in Middle East has come out with full Investment book for Padang State called “Guideline Regulation and Investment” as road Map to our city of Padang.

My Leadership has come with agreement to adopt the “Value Added Strategies” as our Padang States Investment guideline in Padang government administrative for my Padang state to become next developing nation. And my leadership of Padang Government with our 20 Strategic Strategies of Master Plan to become developing country in next 30 year. that will showing by my officers presentation is solution to all my people’s domestic economic issues and the world economic stimulate growth looking at Padang Dream and opportunities in Padang 1 and 2 International Mixed Development City offered Investment Opportunities to become the next International business trading hub center:

  • World Class of Government Complex City,
  • International Port Duty Free and FTZ City,
  • International Aviation Duty Free And FTZ City,
  • Word Class of Financial Center,
  • World Class of Exhibition Center,
  • International 5-stars Hotel,
  • International 5-stars Apartment and Resident City,
  • World Islamic City Center,
  • World Class Shopping Mall ,
  • World Class University City Center,
  • International Health City Center,
  • International Multimedia City Center,
  • International Knowledge City,
  • International Festival City,
  • Global City Center,
  • Automotive City Center,
  • Marina Resort City Center,
  • Sport City Center,
  • Festival and Tourism City Center,
  • Marina Resort City.

This transformation of our Padang State dream is open to the world investment as the new opportunities and for you to look seriously into our Padang City as your answer to the world economic crisis to stimulate the economic growth for your country trade investment return. Ladies and Gentleman. I believe that , with your present today business trade mission is to witness our commitment and looking forwards to matching you organization interest in Padang Padang Hill 1 and 2 development project.

My local government administration will committed to my ”Transparencies, Effectives and Tolerant of government policy and I am also granted that the transformation of today government strategies will be last for 100 years of practical valued added policies. And I am optimistic that , my policy is promising prosperity to my states of Padang and my fellow citizen particularly will live in quality of living standard and Padang will one of the major contributors to the Indonesian GDP in next 3 years. And as I have been informed that, many company has decided to sign their MOU and Agreement during this visit, and I am congratulating them and hope to see that all of you there will witness the ceremony and soon joining the signing at your on interest project that your group are interested in.

Once again, I would like to thank you especially to my beloved Bapak Gamawan Fauzy our Governor of Padang present today, my deputy mayors, my state government legislative teams, all new and accumbency senators, Lurah, Police, Army, Dinas chief, all my city mayor office staff, hotel management and staff and last but not least to my Economic Advisor and Investment Consultant, my brother Dr. Hj. Azmy Morsidi and his team coming all the way from Dubai and Kuala Lumpur just to make this mission successfully today. And also to all distinguished guest and delegates of Investors, Tourism Agencies, Reporters, Journalists, Lady’s and Gentlemen and hope you will see more opportunities in Padang that can bring fruitful investment for you to come to Padang with success of your business investment mission, while you are in Padang and wish you good luck and happy stay in Padang. Wassalam , thank you. The Mayor Of Padang Speech Dr. H. Fauzy B. Bahar Msi For 1st Investment Trade Mission From UAE, GCC, INDIA, BRUNEI and MALAYSIA. 3rd to 7th August 2009.