Presentation to ‘Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah’ Padang

dprd31On May 3rd, 2009 , Dr. H Azmy Morsidi  was invited by the Walikota of Padang, Drs Fauzy Bahar MSi, to make a presentation to ‘Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah’ (DPRD) on the review of Padang International Investment and Implementation Guide, a blueprint of Padang Investment and direction for Padang Vision 2028.

The presentation was made at DPRD Kota Padang to the whole senate which atended by 150 DPRD members led by the ‘Ketua Speaker’, Bapak Hidson and Bapak Walikota Padang. Dr. H Azmy Morsidi, presented books review on the mission of promoting 5 keys factor that must be approved by the DPRD , said Dr Azmy who is also the Economic Advisor and Investment Consultant To The City Mayor of Padang . The Mayor dr. H. Fauzi Bahar Vision and dream to make Padang vesion 2028  to become reality  with  Dr. H. Azmy  Formula , ” The 5 keys is the Padang  attractive reason for FDI to choose  as  thier new  global investment destination in this region”.

As a response from the DPRD presentation, the speaker Bapak Hidson and Bapak Walikota of Padang has seriously considered that 5 factors as their approval agenda for next month DPRD seating as approval deal for the investment regulation in Padang.

picture-016In the evening  of the occasion, Dr. H Azmy Morsidi and delegation team was invited by the Bapak Governor of Padang on Bpk Ganawan Fauzi on the ocassion of  ‘silaturahim’ visit to the governor palace in the evening to present  the ‘Padang International Investment and Implementation Guide’ book and briefing him on the 5 key factors to make Padang more attractive investment center in this region.

Bapak Governor of Padang was very impresed with padang investment strategy and directed the local government Mayor City of Padang office to make sure the 5 keys factor of regulations must be getting approval by the DPRD for the benefit of the country and the state of Padang in general. It will also become the stimulation strategy for the economic reforms at the same time for the benefit of people of Padang for better quality life and economic growth.

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