100% Completion of CMG Pre Fab Home Humanitarian Project For Padang earth Quake Victim And Poverty Homes

CMG  has handover this project known as his company ZAKAT PROJECT to the government of the City Mayor of Kota Padang last 31.Feb.2012  Dr. Fauzy Bahar. And it’s now CMG as a donor wanted all the 50 houses for 100 family will have their new homes is ready to be handover to right victim and poverty people’s in Padang Indonesia by this April 2012 when talking to the local press last 4th.FEB.2012 in Kota Padang during his last site visit in Padang with his team.


Proyek rumah zakat 50 unit (untuk 100 keluarga) sebagai rumah bantuan gempa dan rakyat miskin di Lubuk Buaya Padang Indonesia


Sebagian dari rumah-rumah CMG Pre Fab Homes yang sudah siap


Siapnya project rumah zakat CMG Investment untuk korban gempa dan rakyat miskin di Padang yang berkelayakan