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A. To explore Investment Opportunities in Padang Vision 2028. Padang is the pioneer state in Indonesia to begin with Liberal Economic System in the region, that offers the economic solution to the world economic crisis, and it is an opportunity to enhance the economic growth that has impact in Padang and the region. His Excellency of The City Mayor of Padang, Dr. H. Fauzi Bahar has come up with his Visionary Stimulate Strategies of his Practical Formula Policy and Attractive Incentive for Investors to begin their Investment and choose Padang City as the new Investment destination in this region.

B. To witness by your good self The City of Padang Development Master Plan presented by The City Mayor Office Department Officer, on the current development opportunities for The Mount of Padang 1 & 2 Mixed Development Plan and incentives offered to global World Class Investors by Dr H. Azmy,  (The Economic Advisor and Investment Consultant to The City Mayor of Padang).

C. To enhance bilateral cooperation between two countries, the promotion of  Business and Investment Opportunities, Trade, Tourism, Cultural and Cooperation towards The City of Padang Vision 2028 to become a Developing City as a Business Hub Centre and Tourism Center in the region.
D. The City of  Padang  under the  leadership  of  The  City  Mayor Dr. H. Fauzi Bahar has  embarked  a Drastic Change towards his Strategic Liberal Economic Policies  Vision 2028 through the Government’s  ‘Transparent, Effective  and Tolerance’  policies with his “20 Strategies of Master Plan” for the Padang City International Mixed Development Plan. Padang City International Mixed Development Plan will create more Mega Projects and Businesses, Employment Opportunities to improve his fellow citizen’s economy towards a better quality of life and living standard. This is what “His Excellency’s dream call for a Practical Changers as his Economic Stimulate Transparencies Strategies for Padang Government exit plan and the solution to the current world economic crisis, offering foreign Investors with his 5 key Reasons Attractive Incentive Policies” to the world investors, by promoting Padang City Vision 2028 of Padang 1 and Padang 2 Mixed Development project. 

E. His Excellency Mayor’s Vision 2028, is the City of Padang Master Plan for 20 years implementation plan as a strategic strategy for the global world current economic crisis to stimulate the economic growth in the region. Padang City’s Attractive Investment Incentives offer to foreign Investors and FDI from His Excellency  Dr. Fauzy Bahar Practical Investment Policies of “5 Key reasons why you should invest in the city of Padang”.