Morning conversation with Mr. Dr. Muhammad Asmi

Dr. M. Azmi
Dr. M. Azmi

This morning the editorial on conversation with Mr. Dr.. Muhammad Asmi, reviewing his back on the needs of the Leader figure is needed by the Indonesian state according  to the People’s inspiration is like our proclamation Leaders Bung Karno, Bung Hatta, Bung Sahrir and RA Kartini which according to him is the figure of the leaders who make big dream and changes to Indonesia with no thought of self-interest but in the interest of the country and people are prioritized.

He also took on the Bung Karno words “GIVE IT TO ME 10 YOUTH, AND I WILL SHAKE THE WORLD”. So apparently today the country still needs the young heir to the nation’s leaders who will shake the world still has not happened, so he invited us, scholars, professionals, political leaders and politicians, let’s go together to find a way to fulfill the Indonesia dream so became economic power and developing nation by 2030.

Dr. Muhammad Asmi invite the leaders of nations, let us look forward with much more positif mindset by looking at how to become economic power and prosperous nation. So Dr. M Asmi invite,

[tweetable]“We learn from the successful of the success Leadership and dont learning from the failure Leadersip “.[/tweetable]

According to Dr. Azmi, Indonesia has much potential and worthy of being a developed country with the position of the state as 20 countries natural resources are very rich, it should be turned Indonesia into the fifth largest world economic power in the world and prosperous nation. By Inspired the words of Bung Karno, Dr. M. Asmi as the creator of the Academy League leadership in a Reality Tv Show the first time in the world and in Indonesia as global entrepreneurship with no self-interest, or not representing any politicians and any leaders with no commercial interests or intention rewards from the government or from anyone.

He initiative all this project is in the basis of “Cintakan Bangsaku Indonesian” lillahita’alaa. Figure the objective looking for talented youth leadership for the Vision of Indonesia in 2030 became the developed nation and economic power with world-class standard of living and prosperous Indonesia dream became reality.


On his book Titled “CHANGES for HOPE” Dr. Muhammad Asmi has 20 strategies to become developed nation, reaserch strategies for 10 years of his experiences in UAE and 2 years in Ghuang Dhong, China, which has provided instruction to Dr. Azmi knowledge about how the countries of China, India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi in the UAE can transform his country in the field of development, Economic, Social and Political those countries, so that they can became a powerful country in the world and prosperous nation with the drastic and systematic of changes of successfuly in only less then 30 years.

He invited to be visoner and braved leaders to make a drastic change for indonesia by looking at his 5 keys for Indonesia to be able to become successfuly as more competent to the world economic rulers and challenge that indonesia become still one of the best country for the world investment destination in asia pasific. With “Big Dream: A Vision 2030 using the Perfect Master Plan, transparency, with Practical and tolerancy for the sake of national interest and the people of Indonesia.

Dr. Muhammad Asmi is optimistic if indonesia started 5 keys as below, indonesia can be the next economic power and developed nation with world class standard of citizen and he is also beliving that the stateman of the leader of this country should not neccesery to imposes unnecessary state funds or raise the price of fuel oil to resolve financial problems. According to the principles Dr. Muhammad Asmi, he say we could pay off the foreign debt in 10 years with optimism. Below are the 5 keys strategies for indonesia leader to look forward to be competent country in the world.


1. Indonesia must have the biggest Port in the world with the Strategy. (BOT-IAP)

2. Indonesia must have the largest Airport in the world with the Strategy. (BOT-IAP)

3. Indonesia must build the Oil and Gas Refinery and Terminal in the world

4. Indonesia must have a smart and join/partnersip education system because the international education centre Strategy is lacking. (BOT-IAP)

5. Indonesia must have  a smart and join/partnersip with International standard facilitates Medical Hospital. (BOT-IAP)

With all the 5 keys strategies by Dr. M. Azmi in his research is without using APBN but with the practical and policy of the leader as the stateman of the country for the nation. 5 stretegi above is the fact that the strategy offers great dream became a fifth economic power in the world.

Fellow citizen of indonesia can deliver this big dreams come true. By remembering the previous leader figures like Bung Karno, Bung Hata, Bung Sharir, Mrs. Kartini who has successfully fought to bring independence of Indonesia for 20 years with the dream of independence through the many challenges and sacrifices life to ensure a 5 pillars of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution as nation dignity. Indonesia has become a country which is guaranteed as it is now by our past greatest national leaders.


2. A STATE dignity and civilized



5. A DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, PROSPEROUS AND PROSPEROUS (still fighting and still not finished)

We looking the item 5, this the leadership on going but yet finish. And also we must remember and respect our past President as Mr. Suharto, Mr. Habibi, Mr. Wahid, Megawati, Mr. SBY for their constribution and nation to stabilized of country, Culture, Economy, Politic and Security.

Data Penduduk
Data Penduduk

So with heritage-inspired Indonesia’s independence leader, Dr. Muhammad Asmi take their own initiatives as Family Leader, household, to think about future goals should have a real big dream before 100 years of Indonesian independence in the year 2045, with the knowledged that he is voluntary with his own effort to start with a simple leadership program call I AM PRESIDENT for change of new mindset and talented young leadership for Indonesia 2030 vision.

But according to Dr. Azmi, all of his knowledge is belong and only to God that he should give to the leaders of this country for free. therefore he initiated the reality competition show leadership in Tv Show as Program Director, the quest for the leader, with a vision of quality the Young Generation 2030 that later became Indonesia in 2030 has been a great and prosperous country and all the people of Indonesia have become world class.

He said with the financial and personal meteri investment firm, he invested totally because love to the nation lillahi Ta’allaa … Just above principle because LOVE TO UNITED INDONESIA over his love of his own self

So let support us in develop a new mind set of our young talent, then Dr. Azmi make First Reality Show in Indonesia [tweetable]”I AM PRESIDENT”. Selection of young talent search is already running through national audition process from 12 major city in indonesia[/tweetable] and leaving 7 now finalists.

[tweetable]Dont forget watching our “I AM PRESIDENT” Program reality Tv Show on Berita Satu TV[/tweetable] every Saturday and Sunday 8.oo pm to 9.oo pm from 17 – 18 Agust 2013 to final 17. Nov 2013

First winner will get a cash prize. 1,000,000,000

Second winners will get a cash prize. 500,000,000

Third winners will get a cash prize. 200,000,000


One thing that became admiration editor, is his concern for Indonesian youths are talented but there is no place to channel their leadership potential. [tweetable]Hopefully we find the solution that is ready for a leader figure would listen accordance with the aspirations of the people of Indonesia[/tweetable]. that he desires and expectations, hopefully a lot of people who support and help him fight for his unique ideolime to achieve. amen

(Edi. Y. Editor of I Am President)