Dialog with Dr. H Azmy : The Changes For Hope Means by Dr. H. Azmy

The Changes For Hope in this blog and the book is for “only the brave leadership of the country that people wanted for a change.” His leaderships must be with ‘Transparency, Efficiency and Tolerances’ as ‘Crystal Clear’ direction of his administration government policy with clear ‘Roadmap’ and ‘Investment Regulation Handbook Guideline’.

Changes For Hope is a solution for “ leadership direction and people mindset ”. Changes For Hope is also a Practical Formula for the ‘Universal and Global Investors’ to explore, as the opportunities must be a joint benefit for the Country and the Citizen must come first, the government commitment to Investors Investment is secured and equally fair judicial system and profitable benefit for all with attractive incentive offered by the country.

The “Practical Formula” that is not necessary need to spend any “Bail out or Stimulate of Country’s Treasury or People fund”. Leaders can smartly use their leadership “Practical Formula”, to transform the country to become a developing country in a short period of time or “The New Economic Power of the World”, like China, India , Dubai and Abu Dhabi (Middle East).

In my Blog and book, I have mentioned the “5 Keys”, reasons of this country success and it was based from my 5 years of continuous research with my profession as an investor and my experience in the country mention above, that proven to be the attraction of the investors.
And now Padang City of West Sumatera has successfully adapted the system effectively as their Investment Regulation Law . 0n 3rd August 2009, The City Mayor of Padang’s Trade Mission and Tourism Promotion has attracted 127 investors from Qatar, Dubai, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. They came to explore the Investment Opportunities in Padang International Mixed Development Cities for Padang Hill I and II , D.B.O.T Concession project for from 35 years ( Extendable at same times), a Container Port Expansion Project, The Integrated Airport Expansion Project, New 57 km Highway by Pass Project ( D.B.O.T), Freehold land and Properties project for New Integrated development for International 5 Stars Hotel Resort City, Sport City, Marina Sport Resort City, International Residential City and Apartment, Tourism, International Business and Convention Centre, Free Duty and FTZ City , Factories, Heavy, Medium and Small Industries, Jewelry Factories and Shopping Mall, for Padang City in West Sumatera of Indonesia to become Business Capital City and Trading Hub Centre in the Asian Region. ]Padang will become developing city in next 30 years. Insha Allah.

Padang Vision 2028 has been launched by his Excellency Mayor Dr. H. Fauzy Bahar and his 5 keys reason of “Why You Should Invest in Padang City of Indonesia?“ is the Practical Formula and the answer to this question.

Now, the “Universal Investors” are beginning to confident and his nation is convinced to welcome his leadership of strategic Drastic Changes Strategies, promising a hope to his nation for the better prospective towards quality of life, sound in economy and business improvement.

The city’s friendly community and colorful cultural is prepared to welcome the Foreign Investors (FDI) to Padang City. The Government of Padang City is inviting the world to come and ‘see by yourself’ the investment opportunities in Padang City. Padang City offer is the solution to the current economic crisis of the world. It has offered many Investment Opportunities, Economic, Incentives Package, Freehold land and Properties Investment with Resident Visa Package, No Individual and No Cooperate Tax holidays up to 65 year (extendable at the same time), Free Duty, FTZ Zone Area , No Red Tape, No Bureaucracy, Liberal Economic System, Tolerant Law, No Foreign Exchange Control, No Trade Barriers or Quotas, 100% repatriation of Capital Profit, Fair Judicial Law and Friendly Government as Commitment in Padang City Government Law and administration of his Excellency Mayor. Dr. H. Fauzy Bahar call, The “ Practical Formula ” of his 5 Factor Reason for Investors to see Padang City is Universal Investors new Investment destination.
The Mayor’s Vision is clearly sound with promising FDI Investment interest that will bring hope to his nation to become developing city and nation in next 30 years. It indicated a sign of nation economy from poverty issues improvement towards quality of living standard and out of poverty living to become developing nation.

Changes For Hope “Practical Formula” has proven to be the attraction of the FDI interest and strategies for the economic crisis solution to a crisis country, to stimulate the economic prospective growth and at the same time is the “win –win” strategy for all investors.
Practical Formula is investor’s investment for the country. The Development for the people prosperity and quality of life are also the leadership’s achievement who wanted to see his country and his nation become the next developing nation and the world class citizen.

Solution – To Negative nation.
In my Changes For Hope’s Blog and the Book, I mentioned on Domestic Issues . My solution for the leaders and the people , whom wanted to see the effective of change.
The culture has say, “we can’t fight fire with the fire”……

I am optimistic that the only solution for poverty life and the economy are the roots of cause in negative life in any country in the world. For instance; criminal , corruption and the worse may become terrorists , riots and chaos to the country.

The issues are all about People’s Economy and Money (due to people poverty of life), that the leadership might always think as secondary problem. This is also known as domestic issues and leaders might neglect to act seriously towards it. At the same time, the Citizen also don’t know what to do and how to inform the leadership on their desires to be free from this poverty issues to enjoy what their leaders claim of independent and developing country. In reality, the citizen don’t feel the enjoinment in their life as other developing nation because of poverty that burdening them for a generation as a citizen, living in the same condition at Different Time, Different Generation, Different Situation and Different Leaderships even though their country has been independent for so long, from colonization, and this issue continues endlessly……

I strongly believe that the issues of poverty can only be changed with a “ Practical Formula” for the country’s leadership that can offer Economic Transformation Strategic Strategies for Stimulate Economic Growth to become Business Trading Hub Centre in the region , like China , India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Middle East. It must offer Business Investment Opportunities, Employment, Local Business Spin Off to the Citizen by tolerant to adapt a value added Practical Formula that what Universal Investors are interested and attraction to the Foreign Direct Investment to the country.

That is what Changes for Hope means in my blog and the book written by me, Dr. H. Azmy.

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  1. Allahuakbar, great interesting by reading and gathering the great value of brilliant ideas of Dr.H.AZMY MORSIDI. I believe that his brilliant ideas will bring a significant to local, regional and global economic growth as long as the leaders of states are in high commitment, keep in touch. and I believe by guidance of Dr.AZMY MORSIDI ideas, the project/plan will be easy to be achieved.insha ALLAH. be kept going on your next great brilliant ideas to develop and improve the quality of live around the world.

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