A Prefab low cost homes is free for Padang, Indonesia September, 2009 earthquake victims, poor and homeless family.

As a Visionary leader of H.E Dr. H. Fauzy Bahar the City Mayor of Padang with his dream for Padang City fellow citizen and the earthquake victims as one of his main agenda Padang City Vision 2028. This includes economic and implementation development strategies of making Padang becoming Developing City as business Hub Centre in the region and under H.E leadership administration aims for Zero Homeless and Poverty in Padang, Indonesia by the year 2028.

CMG Investment LLC will start to build a Pre-Fabrication of Low Cost Homes as part of CMG trade Zakat Contribution Program for Padang Poverty and Earthquake Victims as the CEO of CMG, Dr. H. Azmy H. Morsidi have shared his dream with the City Mayor of Padang for humanitarian program for Allah S.W.T.

The photo above was taken from the September 2009 earthquake victim in Padang, Indonesia.
The photo above was taken from the September 2009 earthquake victim in Padang, Indonesia.

This is in response to aid the September, 2009 earthquake victims which are desperate for urgently needed homes relief. To be located in a 100 hectares land allocated by Padang City Mayor Office and CMG targets to build 2000 units of houses within duration of 3 years.

CMG Investment LLC has begun the 1st Batch of the 100 units by manufacturing the homes from China and will be delivered and assembled on site on September, 2010 and will complete on or before 30th December 2010. “CMG Prefab Home Models” can be assembled within 14 days per unit and volunteers will be assisted by the qualifying family with the supervision of CMG Project team and engineer supporting staff on site.

CMG Investment LLC: Each “Prefab Home Models” design and each home size is approximately 1200 sq.ft. A happy family specification home featuring 3 bed, 3 bathrooms, 1 seating room, a kitchen and a storage room which includes 1 car parking garage and 1 balcony at cost of RM50K per unit only.

With a Capability Specification: 120km/hour winds resistant and made of space age waterproof, fire resistant composite fibre panels, the steel structures are also earthquake resistant up to 8.0 Magnitude and warranty for 20 years.

There are many other areas where the families need our help but finding proper shelter is primordial and this is where we are going to focus on our effort and energy as our core objective in helping the poverty and natural disaster victims in need of our humanitarian program for Allah S.W.T.

The balance 1800 unit will be build accordingly through to the contribution from the wealthy Royal family from Middle East, GCC, UAE, Asian corporate member, private company, individual businessman or anyone are welcome to contribute and a unit of house can be ordered from CMG Investment LLC, Dubai regional office begin from August 2010. Please email us at / and contact us at +97150-2579060.

Detailed CMG Prefab Houses Drawing Plan will be published in September 2010.

My brothers and sisters let us together make it this humanitarian project happen for Allah S.W.T. When we build a home for these victims we will get “Barakoh and good Doa from the victims and as Ibadah” for Allah S.W.T. May Allah S.W.T gives us happiness and good health in this World and Akhiroh.

Dr H Azmy Morsidi
Los Angeles, New York. USA