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CMG Humanitarian Project has donated 50 units PreFab Homes to Padang earthquake victims.

CMG Humanitarian Project has donated 50 units of CMG Simple PreFab Homes to Padang earthquake victims. According to The City Mayor of Padang, the President Susilo Bambang Yudhiyono will hand over the keys to Padang earthquake victims at Lubok Buaya on 31 May 2011.

CMG PreFab Homes is designed specially for the natural disaster area from Light Weight Steel Material structures that last for 50 years. It features Earth Quake Ressistant up to Magnitude of 8 on Richter Scale and Windload Ressistant up to 120km. It lasts up to 30 years for ‘Simple Home’ model and 50 years for ‘Luxury Home’ model. It is made from Environmental Friendly materials that meet International Quality Standard and safe to human being. On top of that it gives 50% Cost Saving compared to Conventional Home.

With only 14 days to complete one house including installation of the foundation it is the Home solution to the natural disaster world victim and ideal solution to country’s Low Cost House. It needs no Specialist or Engineers to supervise the installation. Comes with CMG Prefab Homes Installation Manual book, the installation only requires four technicians and four general labour workers to install at desired places.

Padang Speaker and Members of Parliament (Padang DPRD) has visited the Yaoda CMG Factory in Nan Hai, Ghuang Shou, China on 7 December 2010 to witness the CMG PreFab Homes building installation.


A Prefab low cost homes is free for Padang, Indonesia September, 2009 earthquake victims, poor and homeless family.

As a Visionary leader of H.E Dr. H. Fauzy Bahar the City Mayor of Padang with his dream for Padang City fellow citizen and the earthquake victims as one of his main agenda Padang City Vision 2028. This includes economic and implementation development strategies of making Padang becoming Developing City as business Hub Centre in the region and under H.E leadership administration aims for Zero Homeless and Poverty in Padang, Indonesia by the year 2028.

CMG Investment LLC will start to build a Pre-Fabrication of Low Cost Homes as part of CMG trade Zakat Contribution Program for Padang Poverty and Earthquake Victims as the CEO of CMG, Dr. H. Azmy H. Morsidi have shared his dream with the City Mayor of Padang for humanitarian program for Allah S.W.T.

The photo above was taken from the September 2009 earthquake victim in Padang, Indonesia.
The photo above was taken from the September 2009 earthquake victim in Padang, Indonesia.

This is in response to aid the September, 2009 earthquake victims which are desperate for urgently needed homes relief. To be located in a 100 hectares land allocated by Padang City Mayor Office and CMG targets to build 2000 units of houses within duration of 3 years.

CMG Investment LLC has begun the 1st Batch of the 100 units by manufacturing the homes from China and will be delivered and assembled on site on September, 2010 and will complete on or before 30th December 2010. “CMG Prefab Home Models” can be assembled within 14 days per unit and volunteers will be assisted by the qualifying family with the supervision of CMG Project team and engineer supporting staff on site.

CMG Investment LLC: Each “Prefab Home Models” design and each home size is approximately 1200 sq.ft. A happy family specification home featuring 3 bed, 3 bathrooms, 1 seating room, a kitchen and a storage room which includes 1 car parking garage and 1 balcony at cost of RM50K per unit only.

With a Capability Specification: 120km/hour winds resistant and made of space age waterproof, fire resistant composite fibre panels, the steel structures are also earthquake resistant up to 8.0 Magnitude and warranty for 20 years.

There are many other areas where the families need our help but finding proper shelter is primordial and this is where we are going to focus on our effort and energy as our core objective in helping the poverty and natural disaster victims in need of our humanitarian program for Allah S.W.T.

The balance 1800 unit will be build accordingly through to the contribution from the wealthy Royal family from Middle East, GCC, UAE, Asian corporate member, private company, individual businessman or anyone are welcome to contribute and a unit of house can be ordered from CMG Investment LLC, Dubai regional office begin from August 2010. Please email us at / and contact us at +97150-2579060.

Detailed CMG Prefab Houses Drawing Plan will be published in September 2010.

My brothers and sisters let us together make it this humanitarian project happen for Allah S.W.T. When we build a home for these victims we will get “Barakoh and good Doa from the victims and as Ibadah” for Allah S.W.T. May Allah S.W.T gives us happiness and good health in this World and Akhiroh.

Dr H Azmy Morsidi
Los Angeles, New York. USA


Please click on the image to download the brochure

A. To explore Investment Opportunities in Padang Vision 2028. Padang is the pioneer state in Indonesia to begin with Liberal Economic System in the region, that offers the economic solution to the world economic crisis, and it is an opportunity to enhance the economic growth that has impact in Padang and the region. His Excellency of The City Mayor of Padang, Dr. H. Fauzi Bahar has come up with his Visionary Stimulate Strategies of his Practical Formula Policy and Attractive Incentive for Investors to begin their Investment and choose Padang City as the new Investment destination in this region.

B. To witness by your good self The City of Padang Development Master Plan presented by The City Mayor Office Department Officer, on the current development opportunities for The Mount of Padang 1 & 2 Mixed Development Plan and incentives offered to global World Class Investors by Dr H. Azmy,  (The Economic Advisor and Investment Consultant to The City Mayor of Padang).

C. To enhance bilateral cooperation between two countries, the promotion of  Business and Investment Opportunities, Trade, Tourism, Cultural and Cooperation towards The City of Padang Vision 2028 to become a Developing City as a Business Hub Centre and Tourism Center in the region.
D. The City of  Padang  under the  leadership  of  The  City  Mayor Dr. H. Fauzi Bahar has  embarked  a Drastic Change towards his Strategic Liberal Economic Policies  Vision 2028 through the Government’s  ‘Transparent, Effective  and Tolerance’  policies with his “20 Strategies of Master Plan” for the Padang City International Mixed Development Plan. Padang City International Mixed Development Plan will create more Mega Projects and Businesses, Employment Opportunities to improve his fellow citizen’s economy towards a better quality of life and living standard. This is what “His Excellency’s dream call for a Practical Changers as his Economic Stimulate Transparencies Strategies for Padang Government exit plan and the solution to the current world economic crisis, offering foreign Investors with his 5 key Reasons Attractive Incentive Policies” to the world investors, by promoting Padang City Vision 2028 of Padang 1 and Padang 2 Mixed Development project. 

E. His Excellency Mayor’s Vision 2028, is the City of Padang Master Plan for 20 years implementation plan as a strategic strategy for the global world current economic crisis to stimulate the economic growth in the region. Padang City’s Attractive Investment Incentives offer to foreign Investors and FDI from His Excellency  Dr. Fauzy Bahar Practical Investment Policies of “5 Key reasons why you should invest in the city of Padang”. 

The Mayor Of Padang Speech Dr. H. Fauzy B. Bahar Msi, For 1st Investment Trade Mission From UAE, GCC, INDIA, BRUNEI and MALAYSIA.

Your Excellency, Dr. H. Gamawan Fauzi the Gabenur of West Sumatera Indonesia Present today, Honorable guest Sheikh, Yang Amat Mulia Pihin Seri Digadong,Tan Seri Tan Seri, Datuk Paduka, Dato ‘Dato’, distinguish Guest, all Investors and its Study group from the government of Abu Dhabi Executive Council Member, the Travel Agencies, Media Companies , Reporters and Bapak- Bapak, Ibu-Ibu yang di hormati sekalian. Bismillahirahmanirrahim, Assalamualaikum warahmatullohi wabarakatuh, Salam sejahtera,

Good Morning dan Selamat Pagi kepada para delegasi sekalian. Ladies and Gentlemen, today is another marks in our history our 1st International investment trade delegation mission arriving to our beautiful City of Padang of West Sumatera, Indonesia on the historical history for the Business Investment Mission from The UAE, GCC, India, Negara Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia, whom today wants to witness for yourself, for what my City of Padang can offer your investors interest in participating in our New transformation of Changes in Padang state City Dream. Today you are our State honorable guest, we are proud and our warm welcome you to our State of Padang .Your arrival today is the right moment and the right time , that on 17th. August 2009 we will celebrate our National day of 65 years Indonesia Independence day.

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Dialog with Dr. H Azmy : The Changes For Hope Means by Dr. H. Azmy

The Changes For Hope in this blog and the book is for “only the brave leadership of the country that people wanted for a change.” His leaderships must be with ‘Transparency, Efficiency and Tolerances’ as ‘Crystal Clear’ direction of his administration government policy with clear ‘Roadmap’ and ‘Investment Regulation Handbook Guideline’.

Changes For Hope is a solution for “ leadership direction and people mindset ”. Changes For Hope is also a Practical Formula for the ‘Universal and Global Investors’ to explore, as the opportunities must be a joint benefit for the Country and the Citizen must come first, the government commitment to Investors Investment is secured and equally fair judicial system and profitable benefit for all with attractive incentive offered by the country.

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The City Mayor of Padang Launched Vision Padang 2028 In Conjunction With Padang 340th Anniversary As A City In West Sumatera

Padang Trade Mission and Tourism Promotion Report

It was a historic day for Padang, West Sumatera, Republic Of Indonesia, when the City Mayor of Padang, His Excellency Dr H. Fauzi Bahar, M.Si. has launched his Vision 2028 to become a new developing countries in ASEAN regions. And  with his 5 Keys  Formula  launched  0n 4 th. August  2009 at Hotel Pengeran  Ball Room Hall attendedby more then 300 international  and domestic delegates witnessing the  launching ceremony hosted by the local government of Padang, from 3-7 August 2009.

The international  delegates comprised of investors from Dubai UAE, Qatar, India, Brunei and Malaysia was very happy and confident with what Padang has to offer has bring the confident to foreign Investment interest to invest in The City of Padang at West Sumatera Indonesia with the City Mayor 5 keys Factors has really attractive the delegates to invest in Padang City .therefore 127 International delegates has come to Padang City on 3rd. To 7th. August 2009 has coming to Padang City to witness Padang Vision 2028 in conjunction with Padang City Celebration of 340 year anniversary of Padang City, as special honourable guest by the Padang City Government on Trade Mission and Tourism Promotion Invitation lead by Dr H. Azmy Morsidi the Economic Advisor and Investment Consultant to The City Mayor  and The Government of Padang West Sumatera Indonesia.

On the Launching day of the Vision 2028, His Excellency The City Mayor Speech has offered his 5 keys Formula of reason “ Why Foreign Investors Should Invest in Padang City?.

  1. With liberal economics system, the government of Padang is offering the Transparency, Effectiveness and Tolerances, No Red Tape and No Bureaucracy.
  2. No Corporate Tax or No Income Tax, up to 65 year Tax  Holidays and extendable for additional 75 years.
  3. It also offers 20 strategies of development Master Plan for his  International Mixed Development to develop Mount of Padang I & II vision , that  offer a Freehold Land and for Properties Investment Up to 75 years land lease and extendable up to another 75 years with Resident Visa Package .
  4. The new destination to the world’s global FDI investors to choose. 100% tax free incentive offered  on any investment above 1 billion rupiah and accordingly to capital Investment  Invest by Investors offered to the investors
  5. Fair Judicial System, Tolerant of investment Law and regulation, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Create, Friendly and welcoming Community.

This trade Mission visit was successful sign  5 agreements to develop  5-Star and 4 and 5 Star hotels , International Integrated  Mixed development , International 5 stars hotel Resident marina  and resorts has been signed. In addition to that, 4 letters of intent to built integrated ware house and Integrated halal hub centre at Free Duty and Free Trade zone  ( FTR)  area located at Teluk Bungus  International extension of Port project area has been signed as well.

On the trade mission visit delegate has visited the Padang Cement factory a 3 largest cement  a 100 year of cement Factory with the capacities of production up to 6.0 million  Metric Tones and with the new factory capacity completion by 2010 Up to 11.0 Million Metric Tones production of Cement per years production.

Delegates seen  there is a room for Importers or  exporters Padang Cement Product export and joint ventures in promoting of the cement Padang technology to new player  will be considered by the management of Padang cement near futures ventures.

Delegates is also visited the site for the Marina resort at Pasir Jambak Integrated Development 5 star Resort and International resident Location, which is Interest the Qatari Investor the Bravura Group present by his General Manager Mr Ahmad Abdel Razek and Mr Dev Harimaran . 127 Delegates  also visiting the Integrated Fisheries a Tuna Fish factory .

And  also on the last day visit the Padang Aviation management office at The Minangkabau International Airport on the 5 years Expansion Plan of the Minangkabau airport brief by Mr. H. Agus Kemal the General Manager of the airport management  Angkasa Pura II group.    The delegate has been brief by the GM on the  Integrated business spin off business opportunities offered eg:  International 5 stars Hotel and apartment, Free Duty and Free Zones, Shopping Mall, Restaurant, and Ground Handling Business Spin Of Business and etc….

To date, All delegates from Qatar , Dubai, Britain, Malaysia and Negara Brunei Darussalam  will be coming back to Padang after  Eid celebration to materializing their agreement and many investors from others part of the world will comes to Padang City for the 5 keys reason to invest in Padang City as their new Investment opportunities destination in this  Asian regions.

Overall of the mission has bring a confident  of  the peoples that will provide business and Employment  opportunities for local prospers and hope .

Padang City Mayor has his own 5 keys Formula as a solution to stimulate the economic growth during  current world economic crisis as his government strategies to becomes developing City in  next 30 years.

Mission reported by Media Teams of Dr. H. Azmy Morsidi  The Economic Advisor and Investment Consultant to The City Mayor of Padang Government West Sumatera Indonesia.

Shamsol Yazlie Yaacob

Registration Extended Until 27th July 2009

Registration for ‘Investment Program & Tourism Promotion to Visit Kota Padang, Republic of Indonesia, 3-7 August 2009’ has been extended to 27th July 2009.

Should you be interested to be a member of the delegation, please call Mdm Kijan +60198550662, Mr Shamsol Yazlie +0195783637.  The seats are limited, restricted to first come first serve basis.

Looking forward to see you in Padang. Thank you.

Why Padang & 5 Keys Formula of Dr. H Azmy

1. To explore Investment Opportunities on Padang Vision 2028, Indonesia.

2. To enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries business Investment and Trade.

3. Briefing on Kota Padang Development Master Plan by The Mayor Office Department. Officer on the current development and New Potential Development Strategies for Gunung Padang I & II on Mixed Development Plan by Dr H. Azmy Morsidi , The Economic Advisor and Investment Consultant to The City Mayor of Padang.

I.    The City of Padang under the leadership of The City Mayor has embarked to a Drastic Change towards Vision 2028 with liberal Economic Policies  towards Transparencies, Efficiencies and Tolerances’ Government policies to develop The New City of Kota Padang as new Investment opportunities FDI for International Investment destination for Mixed Development at  Padang I and Padang II.

II.     Why Visit Kota Padang ? Padang Government towards promotion of the new Vision 2028 and The Government Liberal Economic Investment policy Strategically for Padang Hill International Mixed Development Project offers as 5 Keys reasons below:-

  • Transparencies, Effectiveness and Tolerant Government Administration Policy and  No Red Tape and No Bureaucracy,
  • Freehold land status with Resident Visa offered to investors, No Income tax and No Corporate Tax (on Tax Holiday up to 75 year and renewable at the same times),
  • Liberal Economic System and Tolerant Law  and Regulatory Condition, No Foreign  Exchange Control and allowing 100% repatriation of Capital Profits.
  • Duty Free and  Free Trade Zones ,No Trade barriers or Quotas
  • Fair Judicial System, Friendly Government ,Freedom of Living , Freedom of speech  and  Freedom of Create and Welcoming Society and Welcoming Local Community.

4. Business Visit of existing Economic Investment Opportunities and  activities in Padang

5. To explore and visit tourism attractions in conjunction with Visit Padang 2009

20 Strategies For Padang I & II Development Vision 2028 Zone

Padang West Sumatra Republic Of Indonesia Local Governments has embarked to a new vision of 2028 to become a new developing countries in ASEAN regions lead by The City Mayor Of Padang,  His Excellency  Dr H. Fauzi Bahar, M.Si. vision with his Liberal Economics System.

His administration offering the Transparency, Effectiveness And Tolerancy, No Corporate Tax or No Income Tax, 75 year Tax  Holidays, government administration to offer an International Mixed Development to develop Mount of Padangs I & II that can offer the new destination to the worlds global FDI investor to choose Padang as the new investment destination to stimulate the current impact of the economic crisis Padang is rich of opportunities to offer.

  1. Local Government Complex
  2. International Airport
  3. International Resort, Beach & Entertainment City
  4. International Marina City
  5. International Residence City
  6. International Convention Centre, Business Centre & Apartment Towers
  7. International Financial City Centre
  8. International Port City
  9. International Industry City
  10. Islamic International City
  11. International Universities City
  12. International City
  13. International Sport City
  14. International IT City
  15. International Multimedia & Broadcasting City
  16. International Medical Health City
  17. International Aerospace & Aviation City
  18. Automotive City
  19. International Agro City
  20. Film Festival & Culture City

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