20 Strategies For Padang I & II Development Vision 2028 Zone

Padang West Sumatra Republic Of Indonesia Local Governments has embarked to a new vision of 2028 to become a new developing countries in ASEAN regions lead by The City Mayor Of Padang,  His Excellency  Dr H. Fauzi Bahar, M.Si. vision with his Liberal Economics System.

His administration offering the Transparency, Effectiveness And Tolerancy, No Corporate Tax or No Income Tax, 75 year Tax  Holidays, government administration to offer an International Mixed Development to develop Mount of Padangs I & II that can offer the new destination to the worlds global FDI investor to choose Padang as the new investment destination to stimulate the current impact of the economic crisis Padang is rich of opportunities to offer.

  1. Local Government Complex
  2. International Airport
  3. International Resort, Beach & Entertainment City
  4. International Marina City
  5. International Residence City
  6. International Convention Centre, Business Centre & Apartment Towers
  7. International Financial City Centre
  8. International Port City
  9. International Industry City
  10. Islamic International City
  11. International Universities City
  12. International City
  13. International Sport City
  14. International IT City
  15. International Multimedia & Broadcasting City
  16. International Medical Health City
  17. International Aerospace & Aviation City
  18. Automotive City
  19. International Agro City
  20. Film Festival & Culture City

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